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Youths from Tezpur clean Banks of Brahmaputra


Youths from Tezpur clean Banks of Brahmaputra

Cleanliness never matters whether you are rich or poor, its a matter of responsibility as an individual to keep our surroundings clean. Tezpur situated in Assam is known for its cultural & historical richness throughout the nation. Assam has one of the largest source of water which comes from The Almighty Bramhaputra. Its our responsibility to keep our river & its banks clean.

With this motive, a cleanliness drive was conducted on the banks of Brahmaputra at the City’s Ganesh Ghat on Sunday morning. The drive is named as I Love Tezpur, an initiative by NorthEast India based Tourism Company Finderbridge.

One of the members, Mr. Aditya Bhattacharjee while talking to Tezpur Buzz said, “I as a common citizen of India, for me clean environment means a safe home. We belong to this mankind for the sake of saving our upcoming future”. Bhattacharjee further introduced to his team members – Kaushik Dutta, Abhijit Das, Sagar Dutta, Sidharth Sarkar, Deep Saha, Sudip Pal, Abhijit Das & Rohit Mandal

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