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70% Tezpurians think, Flyover & Digital Traffic Lights can control Traffic at Mission Chariali.

Photo Journalist : Pratyush Saha


70% Tezpurians think, Flyover & Digital Traffic Lights can control Traffic at Mission Chariali.

Traffic being one of the vital concerns of the present world, its sleek governing is a must to maintain mass congestions.

With disastrous road mishaps frequently taking place in and around Tezpur, road safety measures seem to be a highly negligible issue, especially to the youths who mostly find it hectic to put on their helmets and were the seat belts.


Although repairs are being made all over, some primary roads, notably the part of National Highway 15 that connects Tezpur to Balipara, Lakhimpur are really pathetic which has caused numerous deaths and other serious havocs in the recent past. However, we are very thankful to the administration for the recent renovation of the busy NH 37A which pass besides reputed schools and prestigious army base camps.

Apart from it, traffic congestions are also a major concern at the Mission Chariali, Tezpur. The morning office hours frequently witnesses delays due to jams at the bus stoppages which certainly demotes the serenity of the cultural capital of Assam.

Survey | Instagram Story Section | Tezpur Buzz

Relatively, the team Tezpur Buzz has conducted a survey for 24 hours on 30th Jan, 2019 on its official Instagram handle to appreciate valuable suggestions from the townspeople with the question, “What should be done at Mission Chariali to control traffic?”

Almost 70 percent of the feedbacks suggested for installation of automated Digital Traffic Lights and construction of a Fly Over. Other valuable suggestions were the construction of a Rotary at the centre of the Chariali, widening of roads, perfect placing of the bus stoppages and proper Zebra Crossings

In this regard, the team Tezpur Buzz also has a suggestion to mark the speed breakers within the town with white markers as the lines have faded and sometimes cuases big damages if unidentified by the rider. Hanging more awareness banners to impulse the importance of wearing helmet and seat belts to the Citizens would be an added advantage.

With the upcoming 30th National Road Safety Week to be held from 4th Feb to 10th Feb ’19 we hope that the administration’s steps would be of great help for the entire district and also pray for the successful completion with valuable outcomes on the safety week.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Zaheer

    February 2, 2019 at 4:58 pm

    A flyover is the need of the hour, widening of road by taking over the railway land as the tezpur old railway station has been abundoned.

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