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“Warmheart Winter Cloth Donation Drive” by Rotaract Club of Agnigarh


“Warmheart Winter Cloth Donation Drive” by Rotaract Club of Agnigarh

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” – this is something that Rotaract Club Of Agnigarh believes in and something that Rotary International believes in.

On 1st Dec, the official members of Rotaract Club of Agnigarh as a “Warmheart Winter Cloth Donation Drive“, made an effort to benefit the poor and needy ones by spreading some warmth in their lives. In this campaign, the members reached out to people living in Tezpur and also urged them in various social media platforms to donate their old clothes for the needy.Akash Sharma, Managing Head Editor of Rotaract Club of Agnigarh while in conversation with Tezpur Buzz stated “The well off population around has have heaps of clothes at their home which they do not use anymore. Our initiative was to encourage them to donate those clothes for the needy ones”.

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“The clothes which we just ignore or throw away may provide comfort to thousands of homeless people on the streets , we just tried to do our bid to save them from the cold. We ask you all to do the same in your place,your locality. Your little contribution will be a boon for the poor people to pass this winter with ease” ~ Rotaract Club of Agnigarh.

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