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“Sikh Community of Tezpur” books half of the Anwar Hall for “Kesari Movie”


“Sikh Community of Tezpur” books half of the Anwar Hall for “Kesari Movie”

An unseen emotional occasion was seen in front of the popular Anwar Cinema Hall on Sunday evening by members of the Sikh Community of Tezpur after watching the ‘Kesari’ movie which commemorates the marvelous valor of the veteran Sikh warrior Havildar Ishar Singh, acted by the expert actor Akshay kumar. 

The movie basically displays the historic ‘Battle of Saragarhi’ of the late 19th century, named after a marvelous fort, built by the British, where 21 Sikh soldiers stood bravely against 10,000 men (Afghan forces) at the Saragarhi Fort and destructed all their plans to further conquer the ‘Gulistan Fort’ and the ‘Lockhart Fort’.

More than half of the seats of the Theatre were booked by the Sikh people of Tezpur to enjoy and pay tribute to the unsung heroes of the furious battle. It holds excessive pride as those 21 soldiers of the 36th Sikhs Regiment bravely decided to fight till death rather than finding ways to escape the impossible attack. Even aged members, standing on sticks joined to watch the ‘Kesari’.

Their heads held higher when after the completion of the movie, they gathered in front of the Hall and loudly chanted the Jaikara or Clarion call of their community viz. ‘Jo Bole So NihalSat Sri Akal’ where passersby also joined and praised, paying tribute to those soldiers for their incredible bravery.  

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1 Comment

1 Comment


    March 25, 2019 at 3:21 pm

    NICE to see the UNITY in Tezpur LOVE IT …..Wahe guruji

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