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‘Pet Show’ successfully executed for the very first time at Tezpur by Pet Friendly.


‘Pet Show’ successfully executed for the very first time at Tezpur by Pet Friendly.

In a place, where we tend to celebrate even the smallest of things, which brings us joy and happiness, Pet owners and Pet friendly people did not have a place to celebrate their relation with their furry friends. With an aim to fill this void, ‘Pet Friendly’ of Tezpur, decided to organize the first ever Pet Show of the town, this 2019.

You may be a pet owner wanting to learn about the newest pet care products, or a potential pet owner looking to learn about owning a pet, or an animal lover who just can’t get enough, the pet show organised on 27th January was for everyone.

Pet Friendly, an organization run by four pet lovers of Tezpur viz. Himangshu Koiwartta Hazarika, Kartic Dugar, Ratnadal Sharma & Mihir Tibrewal, with a vision and mission to create a better place for the ones who cannot communicate in our language, came up with a praiseworthy idea of setting up the first pet show in the town. The said event took place at Swahid Bakori Field, Tezpur, where a number of Pet owners and Pet lovers were seen to gather with their pets.

The pets were engaged in various activities, and were given a chance to compete with each other. The best puppy award was grabed by Manisha Dutta Roy‘s Pub. Manish Misruf’s Labrador won the best obedient award, Dr N. Sharma’s Golden Retriever won the Best body coat award, Priyanka Deka’s pet won the Best Indigenous award and Priyam’s Spitz won the Best Dressed award.

Winner Champions of the Champions
1st Runner Up (Champion of Champions)
2nd Runner Up (Champion of Champions)

R. Sandial’s German Shepherd won the Champion of the Champions award, followed by 1st runners up- Majuli Bezbaruah’s Lhasa and 2nd runners up- Manish Misruf’s Labrador.

Organisers Himangshu Koiwartta Hazarika and Kartic Dugar, while in conversation with team Tezpur Buzz stated “Being this our first experience, we did not expect such large number of people to respond to our initiative. But to our utmost happiness, over 500 people gathered in our event, more than 70 dogs got registered, over 20 breeds of dogs participated, which is really a good number for the first year. Through this event, we wanted to create an awareness among the masses in protecting the street dogs and spread out the message of their well being”

Such events are seen to be taking place in major cities and by organising a Pet Show for the first time in the town, the Team of Pet Friendly has certainly set a benchmark. We wish all luck to all the organising members of the event and pray for the well being of all the little creatures around us.

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