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Meet Sreyashi from Tezpur : From fighting Cancer to having a Baby Boy, a truly inspiring journey.


Meet Sreyashi from Tezpur : From fighting Cancer to having a Baby Boy, a truly inspiring journey.

The inspiring Journey of Sreyashi Paul

A girl with biggest dreams I am. After 14 years of courtship and lot of hardships I married the love of my life. We mutually decided to stay apart to fulfill our dreams. He stayed in Delhi for his job and me in Tezpur (Assam) to complete my Ph.D. This decision was mocked by the so called society and I was pulled down many a times. But I was determined.

After 2 years of separation, finally I went to Delhi to lead a life with the man of my life. But, destiny had its own plans. Within a month I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. When my husband broke this news to me I just smiled and said “we shall fight this too”. Definitely there was a fear within to lose the battle but constant motivation from my better half was always an antidote. Body subjected to infinite pain, an urgent surgery and I lost my voice for 2 months.

Well-wishers were there and few even stood by us but the list of onlookers and lethal people is longer. Yes, I call them lethal because they harm you mentally. Actually these situations help you know people. You finally know who are the ones you really wanted in your life. In a situation when I was battling to live there were people who commented…”I think she will never conceive.”… “Why should she discuss about such a disease in public?”…and lots. Yes, sadly we live in a society like this.

After a lot of procedures finally I was told that I was out of this but have to be under monitoring throughout my life and since then it’s on. Nothing broke me. I was firm and never stopped doing the things I love.. I eat, I dress up, I party, I travel, I paint, I post on social media and what not. People then started inboxing me…”are you well now?”… “have you recovered fully ?..lots”.

Frankly speaking, I was so close to death that I am madly in love with my new life. I conceived, I was happy but struggles did not seem to cease. I had my first ultrasound and was told that I have a sub chorionic blood clot and it’s dangerous. I needed to be in complete bed rest and painful injections followed. I had to quit my job. After completing the first trimester the USG showed that everything is fine and I can proceed with the pregnancy. Later, a blood test done had another surprise for me. I became severely diabetic (gestational). Doctors in Apollo, Delhi prescribed immediate insulin injections till I delivered… 10 pricks a day. Oh yes! that was painful. I was restricted to 2000 Calories diet and was starving. I fought with my pregnancy cravings and never cheated as all I wanted was a healthy baby. Finally I delivered a baby boy. ..yes, he is healthy.
Not a week had passed and I had a serious kind of UTI; a multi-drug resistant bacterial infection. Doctors said that the bacterial strain is rare and does not respond to drugs. They would try experimenting with multiple drugs which might work or fail. I had to breastfeed my baby and I was shivering with 104F fever. It might have been fatal but after fighting for almost 2 months I managed to overcome again. I never questioned…”why me?”…but deep down I said to myself…”this too shall pass.”
And here I am today managing my little one all by myself…😊

I had my own situations and circumstances. I do not know whether I inspire anyone or not but definitely I inspire myself. Even now when I am down someday…I recall the battles I won and I gain immense confidence. I am always on my toes and ready to face anything life throws on me.

Every woman is strong in her own ways just that she needs to know herself. Women’s day is not about competing with men, it’s not about equality. Its all about knowing one’s own strength and moving forward making sure that no one is left behind. With this message I wish everyone a very happy Women’s day. If I could touch one life with my story I will know that my purpose is served.

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